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Westlin Rail has extensive Railway infrastructure experience and is acutely aware of the special challenges that this sector can bring to the construction team. With many projects undertaken in a live environment, special care and close collaboration with stakeholders is required to ensure that active treatment areas remain clean, safe and effective.

Westlin Rail has dedicated Rail Contracts Managers who work closely and in a spirit of mutual co-operation with our Clients to maintain open lines of communication and an understanding of specific needs throughout the contract duration.

Westlin Rail are link up accredited and offer our clients a wide range of railway construction solutions which include but are not restricted to refurbishment, reconstruction and new build works on both Green and Red zones within all Network Rail controlled infrastructure.

Furthermore, Westlin Rail are committed to the values of ‘localism’, and undertake to draw on local specialists and suppliers to help us complete projects, ensuring that while we create and improve facilities the local community also benefits from the development of our Client’s portfolio.