McPhersons Bridge, Stonehaven

Renewal of McPhersons Overbridge Parapets which is located over the twin tracked non-electrified ECN5 line between Stonehaven and Portlethen.


As part of Network Rails ongoing improvements within CP6 Westlin Rail were appointed on behalf of Story Rail to carry out the all repairs and parapet renewals on the McPhersons overbridge, OB133/348 during a 54 hr blockade in early January 2020.

The bridge is a masonry arch overbridge carrying an unsurfaced farm access over the ECN5 line between Stonehaven and Bridge of Muchalls. The Structure is approximately 9m in length with a clear span of 4m.

All parapets where demolished and replaced with Precast Concrete L shaped units. The bridge approaches where reconstructed and the tarmacdam surface laid over the bridge. The bridge arch and abutments had all repairs complete and existing kingpost cleaned, mechanically prepared and repainted with new timbers replacing life expired.

Project Summary

  • Completion of all bridge repairs prior tom the blockade.
  • Installation of safe barriers prior to parapet demolition and replacement
  • Blindin of bridge deck to allow new parapet installation
  • In-situ concrete and tied reinforcement installed to main bridge deck and associated containment and approach structures.
  • Installation of new pre-cast parapet wall units.
  • Rebuild pilasters in site won material.
  • Works carried out on both ROTR working and in 54hrs Blockade