Spittal Culvert Outfall & Earthworks

Culvert drainage work to the sea on behalf of Network Rail


Spittal culvert outfall is located on the East Coast Mainline on a north east facing grass coastal embankment in which the railway line lies a short distance above the outfall with a vehicle track running parallel.

The embankment has previously been subject to movement and previously stabilisation works above the culvert with the embankment being supported on gabion baskets with bare ground above.

A routine survey of the Network Rail Asset was carried out and it was identified that there was a failure In the existing culvert drainage which was resulting in unnecessary overload not only on the drainage system but surrounding landscaping.

Following tender negotiation QTS Group requested the services of Westlin Rail to carry out the Culvert drainage work to the sea on behalf of Network Rail within a compressed 4-week construction programme.

Project Summary

Removal & reinstatement of existing gabion wall to provide the necessary access and working space.

Removal of existing failed pipe work and reinstatement with new 700mm clay pipework to increase the water flow under the railway track and minimise saturation of existing earthworks.

Excavation of existing sub soil and profiling of new swale in preparation for the installation of concrete canvas and stone cascade.

Installation & fitting of 60m of concrete canvas to new swale profile along with 10m of in site concrete stone cascade at outlet

Fitting of Maccaferri Mac Mat R erosion netting to the sides of the swale to stabilise, minimise erosion, provide surface reinforcement and promote vegetation growth.